New Workshop Opened

New Workshop Opened In Newcastle!

Our new workshop located at 99 Selwyn Street Hamilton North is now open and we are looking for new members!

Our postal address is:-

PO Box 200





Here is a link to our map of our location:- Newcastle Mens Shed

Men and women between 18 and 90 years of age are very welcome to join. First visit to the shed is free and our yearly joining fee is just $25.00 for the year to cover our insurance costs. A gold coin donation for a cuppa is usually asked for to help maintain our lunch room supplies. We don’t have any other fees for members. No daily fees, we maintain that you simply can’t make profit for a non profit charity out of our members.

We do have an open workshop, but this is a workshop used by mostly retired men and women. We are sorry to say that we are not qualified carers, so please don’t ring and offer to drop your clients off at our workshop, our men are simply not qualified to do this kind of health care support.

One of our newest members Allan is recovering from a stroke and has a few minor health issues and they say the best medical support for a stroke is activity.

We hope to have a Depression Recover Program held here in October of this year and there is a new program about to start at the Seventh Day Adventist Church at Hamilton in May. Here is a flyer of the course.

New Workshop opened Depression Recover Program planning!

New workshop opened, for Depression Recovery Program. Contact them now!



Contact the organiser of this depression recover program! Here are his details:-

Counsellor David Stojcic

Mobile 0412 851 310



Come along to this new workshop opened and get in early before we we need to limit the number of members allowed to be in our shed.




Workshop Update November 2014

November meeting on the 11th Novemer 2014 will be held in the workhop and will be at 12.30 pm. The meetings will be held every month on the 2nd tuesday of the month at 12.30 pm in the workshop from now on.

The key system of the shed have been update!

Safety locks need to be fitted to the shed equipment and Ken will look at marking all the power points so they can be identified on the fuse board.

The metal lathe and woodwork lathe have been installed, More machinery to follow over the next few weeks.

Anybody wanting to donate tools and machinery to the shed workshop would be greatly appreciated. we are after a band saw and pedestal drill stand at the moment.

New members are always welcome at our meetings and there is no charge to come along to the shed or meetings to see what it is all about.

Our membership fee is only $25.00 per year and we don’t charge any additional fees on our members.

I will be away for December 2014 and January 2015 and will be back for the February monthly meeting on the 10th of February 2015. So have a great Xmas break.

We need more volunteers for our workshop which is open every Tuesday between 10.00 am and 2.00pm.

See you at the workshop on Tuesday!

Body and Soul

Body and Soul Program 2015

The next body and Soul program will be on February 14th 2015, Starting at 8.30 am and again will have a one hour free buffet breakfast included from 8.30 to 9.30 am.

Body and Soul Boolaroo




Everybody welcome, limited seating so book for this venue! Donations for course gratefully accepted.


Contact Christina Stucklings on 0421 542 196 or email

Body and Soul Program 2014

The Body and Soul program for 2014 will be held at the Seven Day Adventist Church on Saturday mornings, starting at 8.30 am. Here are the details!


Saturday mornings 6 September to 25 October 2014 ( late starters still welcome! )


8.30 am-9.30am buffet breakfast, including gluten-free & dairy free

9.30-10.45am Health presentation, spot prizes, celebrating progress

Where Adventist Community Centre, Cnr Steel & Lindsay Streets Hamilton Newcastle nsw

Cost: Free to everybody optional donation to help with expenses.

Bookings: Joy Miller 0434681570

Body and Soul is a health program that helps with 4 main areas in life. Body & Soul. mental, physical spiritual and social are the key areas!

Body and Soul is for you!

Margot Marshall and Kym Fowler developed and
hosted this life-changing program in Townsville,
Queensland and will shortly offer it in Hamilton.
Margot and Kym like to make learning fun, and
have extensive experience in teaching healthy
lifestyle solutions to a diversity of groups:
corporate, community, indigenous, school
children, prisoners, migrants, Home Economics
teachers, nutrition undergraduates and chefs.
They have given presentations at interstate and
overseas conferences, plus radio and television.
They currently produce and host health programs
for 3ABN Australia, which reaches a large part
of the world via free-to-air satellite television.
They’ve had the joy of helping thousands
of people from all walks of life get positive,
measurable results from simple lifestyle practices.

So come along to this great Body and Soul course, 7 weeks remaining in this course! You can see where it is in this site! Body and Soul is meant for you, so ring Joy Miller now and get booked in for this Saturday.

See you at the Body and Soul course! It is your body and soul so look after it well!



Family Carers Expo

Family Carers Expo 2014

The family carers expo will be on in October this year on the 9th October. It is for both family and carers and health professionals and members of the public. This family carers expo will start at 9.30am and will be run at the Newcastle Panthers, King Street, Newcastle and it is free to attend this program.

Men from our workshop will attending this Family Carers Expo. Here is a flyer for you to read! 2014 Flyer Carers Expo. At 10.00am there will be guest speaks from Hunter New England Local Health District & Private Aged Care Services and “Aged Care Reforms:   ACAT Legislation, Home Care Packages & Residential Aged Care” and they will give a presentations until 11.00am.

From 12 noon till 1.00pm we have Dr Lee Sturgeon – Consultant Clinical & Developmental Psychologist
“Managing the Mental Health and General Wellbeing of Parents, Carers and Siblings of
Children with Developmental Disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorders”

Family Carers Expo 2014

For further information on this Family Carers Expo:

For Information or to Register
Phone: 4921 4895 or 1300 887 776
or Email:

Also at this website for more information!

So come on along to this Family Carers Expo and meet new people at this great expo!

 Support & Information for Families & Carers in their caring role
 Information for Professionals to support Families & Carers
 Opportunities to Network & Promote Carers Week Activities

Calling all:

This Family Carers Expo finishes at 3.00pm! So come along and hear what is all about!

Newcastle Mens Shed Workshop

Newcastle Mens Shed Workshop Starts

Newcastle Mens Shed Workshop has finally got a home, with the support of the Hunter Development Corporation, we have signed the lease and will be moving into Admin Building at the old BHP. The address is 99 Selwyn Street Mayfield North 2304. We will be located in the right front basement are of the building.



Newcastle Mens Shed Workshop new homwe!

Newcastle Mens Shed Workshop

Here is a map of our workshop area in PDF format.

workshop map

New Members Newcastle Mens Shed Workshop!

Newcastle Mens Shed Workshop needs new members. If you are interested in woodworking or metal work or even doing community support work, based out of our new workshop ,we expect that membership will fill up very fast. Mens sheds can only accept so many members because it is a part of our safe working policy and helps to prevent over crowding in a workshop environment. So if you want to become a volunteer of Newcastle Mens Shed Workshop, you will need to join our mens shed very quickly.

Activities Newcastle Mens Shed Workshop

Workshop activities that are being planed for in Newcastle Mens Shed Workshop include

  • Woodworking with all kinds of wood working machinery available to members, and if you have a home project you are working on then by all means come along and join our Newcastle Mens Shed Workshop. We have 2 wood-turning lathes, and all kinds of saws, drop saws, table bench saws for cutting timber and need to find a good band saw. We have chains saws and work working tools of all kinds. With the new shed opening we need all kind of things for the wood working shop.
  • Metal workshop activities will include the use of a lathe, which we are still trying to get one donated to our workshop. There is a welder available for use and we will need to build a solid metal working table for this area.
  • Community work activities are going to be available. If pensioners and disabled people are struggling to get something done around the home or garden are and they are considered needy. Our men will go out and help support their needs. things include are small handy man repairs and maintenance. Gardening, maintenance screen repairs, cabinet repairs are just a few things we can do for the community. New members are needed for this area of work as well.
  • Men who come along to the workshop, might just want to have a cuppa and a chat and not get involved in shed activities. This is apart of our social support program. There is not rule that says men have to do any activities within the shed or community activities. We are all volunteers and do not work like a paid job would expect of us. Men who get bored at home, come along and get involved in the Newcastle Mens Shed Workshop.
  • Mentoring support for the men, is an activity that is put in place for the members. Even high school support in mentoring is part of what we will be offering to local schools. The Hunter Youth Mentor Collaborative of training for our members and you get a great sense of achievement when you see both boys and girls asking questions to further their knowledge for when they go out in the community to work. Local business’s will be asked to support this program by offering work experience and even apprenticeships for up and coming students high school students. We work with MENTOS at Cardiff.
  • Induction to work workshop equipment is mandatory. Nobody can run any machinery unless they are a tradesman or have been signed off to work on our personal equipment. If you unskilled this is not a problem. It does not take long to train you safe workshop practices and you will soon be using all of our equipment.
  • Disability access is available for our members, by come through our back gates. We are trying to work out toilet facilities and the only male or female toilets are up on the first floor. Maybe somebody could offer us a porter loo service for the disabled. The area within the Newcastle Mens Shed Workshop is all flat and the only thing that makes it a bit hard to get access is a hump designed to stop water from coming down into the back door. We hope to turn this into a ramp way that will stop water but allow access for wheel chairs and scooters.

Not fuel of any kind is allowed in our workshop and we get around this by using all electrical or battery run equipment. We are in need of an electrical mower and edge trimming equipment.

We intend to do all kinds of workshop activities at our workshop and are also in need of more committee members to help mange the new workshop.

Here are a few pictures of the inside of the building, I will make a point of having more pictures for our next post that shows the real workshop area.

one of the hallways upstairs

BHP Admin Building 009
The place is a massive heritage list building.



Elevator not working for any of the floors.

Elevator not working for any of the floors.


More offic space at the Adin Building Come and join us at the workshop down stairs.





It is a big place inside!



Carina Mens Shed have a video you can watch to get a better idea of what mens sheds are all about!

So that about covers what we are starting to do at our new workshop the Newcastle Mens Shed Workshop! If you are between 18 and 90 years old and the wife is wanting to get you out of the house call in for a cuppa and a chat! Age limits are in place because of insurance coverage for all our members.

There are lots different business’s in the building and one that I cam across is the Wheeling & Able non-profit support group. They are there providing assistance to get access to resources for young people up to the age of 21 years of age.

Contact us on 0249 555752

Volunteer Mentors Needed

Volunteer Mentors Need At Our Shed

Volunteer mentors are need at our shed, we not only mentor our men and offer to help prevention of depression by way of activities and having a morning cuppa together. We are also getting involved with looking for volunteer mentors for our external activities. Some of our members are also involved in Mentors For Our Schools and we also attend the HYMC meeting every month. Don’t forget Yakka Day with Mentors For Our Schools, remember 17th October 2014.

Our aim is to involve high school students, in workshop activities and try to find business’s that will offer work experience for them. Volunteer mentor are not students parents or teachers, they are there so the students can bounce ideas off of the and to learn by example. Take a look at this video presented by Mentors For Our Schools.

We need more volunteer mentors for just one of the many things we do both in the workshop and our in the community. So come and join us for a great time being one of the volunteer mentors.

Volunteer mentors needed for our pjojects. So come along now and join our shed, we are in final stages of negotiating for a workshop. Education of students is one of our many aims and activities for our volunteer mentors.

With the HYMC mentoring program they run training packages for volunteer mentors, go to the link and see what it is all about. There are many different community non profit companies involved and the offer student sponsorship grants. So if you are looking for a educational scholarship program they are the non profit company to apply too.

There are not many local men’s sheds that get involved with a volunteer mentors program, but Branxton Greta Men’s Shed are proud to say they are very into offer volunteer mentors a chance to get involved out at Greta. They are about to get there own website so keep an eye out for them online very soon!

AGM Report 2014



The AGM meeting held in the workshop at Penola House, opened at 2.05 p.m. Present: Paul Battle, Bill Ray, Bill Steel, Lukas Junker, Bob Wilkinson & Barbara Steel Apologies:  Peter Vorlichek & Terry & Daniel Connolly.

The Treasurer read the financial report and advised the members that the current bank balance stands at $1,349.48. – Current assets comprising property and equipment $3,824.96 Giving a total of $5,174.44. The Chairman reported that whilst the Committee had spent hours and hours trying to find a “shed” all our efforts have been in vain.  That is until The Diocese of Newcastle & Maitland advised that  they were tendering to Council for a building in the Hamilton area.  This would be in partnership with Penola House. We have not had any report as to the results of their tender.

We applied to Hunter Development Corporation for part of the lower ground floor of the old BHP Administration Building.  We have had some positive feedback from Toni Capiello and are at present waiting for her confirmation that the Management agree to leasing the area to us.

All Committee positions were declared vacant.  Barbara Steel Nominated Bill Ray as Secretary.  He accepted the nomination.  Seconded by Robert Wilkinson. Bill Ray nominated Robert Wilkinson as Treasurer, seconded by Bill Steel. Paul Battle nominated Lukas Junker as Chairman, seconded by Barbara Steel. Paul Battle nominated Barbara Steel as Vice President, Seconded by Bob Wilkinson. Bill Ray nominated Bill Steel as Committee Member, seconded by Paul Battle. Paul Battle to design Form A12 Fair Trading Annual Return.  This will cost approximately $50. Membership fees are due by 30th September and are $25.00 per annum.

Next AGM meeting to be 2nd Tuesday in August 2015. The meeting closed at 2.45 p.m.


AGM 2014

AGM 2014

AGM August 2014

AGM Shed Annual Meeting

Members are reminded that the annual general meeting of Newcastle Men’s Shed will take place on the 12th August. Membership fees are now due and have been increased to $25.00 a year to cover our insurance costs. If you are not financial by the 12th August then you won’t be able to vote. Non financial members will not be covered for insurance 30 days after the election of the new committee.

Where  Penola House

When  12th August

Time 2.00pm

Address  3 Wilson Street Mayfield

The meeting will be held in the computer room, just off to the left as you come through the front door. Anybody who can’t make the meeting and wants to make a postal vote, needs to contact the secretary.

Annual Financial Report

Shed Annual Financial report 2013 – 2014

The following report is this years financial report to date. Because we are only a new shed our first AGM will take place on the 12th August 2014 and our financial year will close at the end of this month 31st July.


Funding in bank = $960.00

Volunteer Grant funding for shed = $1,500

Donations to shed = $2,700

Membership Fees = $400

Total = $5,960


Public Liability Insurance 2014 (Covers all 16 members) = 16 members at $25.00 per person = $400.00

Incorporation fees = $120.00

Fuel running costs for shed = $117.00

Website Hosting = $143.00

Stationary = $100.00

Website Advertising = $80.00

Funding For Workshop = $5,000

Total – $5960.00


Fees are due to be discussed at this months meeting, we pay $25.00 for each member to AMSA insurance and our fees are only $20.00, so an increase of $5.00 more is proposed.

This months meeting is on Tuesday 8th July 2014 at 2.00pm at Penola House, located at 3 Wilson Street Mayfield. See you all there!






Public Jobs Men’s Shed

Public Jobs Men’s Shed No Go!

I keep getting requests to do external jobs for the public! We don’t do work for anybody externally unless they are elderly and or disabled! If you need a job done that is business related, we are not for you! If you sometime done for yourself, join the shed and feel free to use our equipment and support for your home project. We do not do public jobs for profit. We are a non-profit organisation that is there for the needy who need our support.

If you think we are here as cheap labour, then you have the wrong idea about our public jobs.

  1. We don’t do multiple articles to be sold to the public.
  2. If you want us to have your lawn or garden done and we find out you have relatives that can do the work, we will not do the public job for you.
  3. We don’t do overseas charity work or offer support for charities overseas. We do offer support for refugee’s in Australia, but you need to contact Penola House in Mayfield and they will involve us were needed.
  4. If you hard up on your luck and need repairs done to stop vermin entering the house or wood chipping done and can’t afford it (must be on pension). Then we might be able to help out in the near future. There is a waiting list and we do volunteer work, so if nobody is willing to go, it is not like running a full business.

We do accept donations of equipment and money, so we can offer support to those who are in need. If we have the raw materials available, then we are not looking to buy them from a hardware store.

public jobs we can do

We are trying to get the community to support us so we can in turn offer support back to the community. Simply put we need a workshop, we tools and power equipment being offered to us all the time, but we need a place to carry out our activities. If you ring now, we find you the nearest shed that may be willing to help you out with their limited resources, for their public jobs.

Do we help out schools, women’s refuge’s, community centres, community gardens, needy pensioners, this is public jobs to us,yes we do, this is all apart of helping out in the community. The big problem is we need a workshop to store resources so we can help out with raised garden beds for the elderly and disabled. Having a workshop to build a ramp for wheel chair access, another good idea. Offer to make bird boxes for our local wild life, an easy job to do, if we have the workshop to put our equipment into, so we can help out.

Deceased Estate

Deceased Estate Donation

Deceased estate donations are gratefully accepted by Newcastle Men’s Shed. We can come and clean out your shed and accept any other donations for deceased estates. You may not live local and need somebody to help support the cleaning out of a shed. We have the resources to do this.

Real Estate agents are welcome to contact us for support cleaning out deceased estates. We can offer support to local real estate agents and in return recommend your agency for future work.

Deceased estate clean out

Cleaning out deceased estates

Are you an executor of a deceased estate, we can offer you support in getting things done. Men’s shed’s need community support and we accept all kinds of donations from deceased estates. All kinds of tools, power and hand tools, building timer and metal for frame-work. Yes we accept cash donations, it helps keep our charity functioning.

Offering tools to our men’s shed will help us to support community and shed activities, we have received a few things from deceased estates and need things like a wood lathe and metal lathe. We have got a trailer donated to us and appreciate the donation. All donations are treated with respect and kept private.

We use tools left behind by your loved ones, but reserve the right to sell them if we get to much of the same things. We have had some good donations, drop saws, hand power tools, even an arc welder. They all help us get things done and it is good to see these things still being used by us.

For a small donation we can move things locally for your deceased estate with our trailer, extremely large objects, you will need to call a mover.


July Meeting 2014

July Meeting 2014 Newcastle Shed

The next meeting of the Newcastle Mens Shed will be held at Penola House on the 8th July at 2.00pm, located at 3 Wilson Street Mayfield. There was a good attendance at the last meeting. We don’t always meet in the double garage down the back. Just ask staff where we are and they will direct you to were we have set up for our meeting. Penola House has a big demand for meeting space and we around the complex sometimes.

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June Meeting 2014

Men’s Shed June Meeting 2014

The next meeting of Newcastle Mens Shed is next week on Tuesday 10th June at Penola House. 3 Wilson Street Mayfield, at 2.00pm, members are asked to attend. Topics up for discuss not in total but a summary will be!

  1. Minutes of previous meeting and business arising from it.
  2. Memorandum Of Understanding with the Catholic Diocese. (MOU)
  3. Possible venues for support for workshop in the inner Newcastle area.
  4. Support for Lyndsay Garden Nursing Home.
  5. Update on community fish program.
  6. Feedback from Paul Battle on Hunter Cluster monthly meeting.

All members are encouraged to attend and visitors are always welcome to our meetings. Any body wanting to come along for the first time are welcome too

May Meeting Postponed

Newcastle Mens Shed May Meeting Postponed!

The May meeting of the Newcastle Mens Shed (May 13th 2014) has been postponed until June 10th 2014 at 2.00pm 3 Wilson Street Mayfield at Penola House in the workshop!

New members and visitors are welcome to any of our meetings and we look forward to seeing you come along to our next meeting in June!

Minutes of March Meeting

March Meeting held in the workshop at Penola House on Tuesday  11th March 2014.

The March meeting commenced at 2 pm
  1. Present Bill Ray, Paul Battle Bill & Barbara Steel and  Bob Wilkinson
  2. Matters under discussion – lack of available premises in Newcastle area.  Bill & Barbara met with Chris Toila and Sandra Feltham, from Newcastle council.  Chris contacted the railway and they advised that as the whole area is under negotiation for the light rail, no leases, contracts etc are to be entered into.
  3. Sandra commented that as the whole city is being re-zoned and as the men’s shed is considered industrial rather than commercial or office, then there will be no opening in the town centre for a men’s shed.  However, there will be corridors out to Broadmeadow and Islington which when the planning is finalised would be suitable.,
  4. Bill Ray advised that he had paid the Insurance. (AMSA?) but Paul Said that he had been in contact as the amount was too large as we do not have premises and that everything that we do at Penola will be covered by their insurance.
  5.  Sister Di brought around James a young novitiate and he agreed to help get some of the refugees to help set up fish ponds.
  6. The March meeting closed just after 3.00 pm, next meeting 8th April 2.00pm, Penola House 2014.