Minutes of March Meeting

March Meeting held in the workshop at Penola House on Tuesday  11th March 2014.

The March meeting commenced at 2 pm
  1. Present Bill Ray, Paul Battle Bill & Barbara Steel and  Bob Wilkinson
  2. Matters under discussion – lack of available premises in Newcastle area.  Bill & Barbara met with Chris Toila and Sandra Feltham, from Newcastle council.  Chris contacted the railway and they advised that as the whole area is under negotiation for the light rail, no leases, contracts etc are to be entered into.
  3. Sandra commented that as the whole city is being re-zoned and as the men’s shed is considered industrial rather than commercial or office, then there will be no opening in the town centre for a men’s shed.  However, there will be corridors out to Broadmeadow and Islington which when the planning is finalised would be suitable.,
  4. Bill Ray advised that he had paid the Insurance. (AMSA?) but Paul Said that he had been in contact as the amount was too large as we do not have premises and that everything that we do at Penola will be covered by their insurance.
  5.  Sister Di brought around James a young novitiate and he agreed to help get some of the refugees to help set up fish ponds.
  6. The March meeting closed just after 3.00 pm, next meeting 8th April 2.00pm, Penola House 2014.



March Meeting Penola House

March Meeting Baraka Men’s Shed

The main topic of the March Meeting will be about the MOU with Penola House to form a new men’s shed called Baraka Men’s Shed. What is a MOU, it is an acronym for memorandum of understanding, and Baraka means blessing in Hebrew, Arabic and Arabic-influenced languages.

Here are the details of the Men’s Shed March Meeting.

Venue: Penola House, 3 Wilson Street Mayfield

Time: 2.00pm

Agenda: MOU with Penola House, Discussion of Insurance for members to AMSA, Plans on how Baraka Men’s Shed will operate.

Newcastle Mens Shed is still in need of a place for our own workshop, and we are going to help the men of Baraka Men’s Shed get set up and offer mentoring to the men of this new Men’s Shed.

Visitors and intending new members are welcome to attend this meeting, new members are not expected to be financial for the first meetying they attend.

March Meeting map at Penola House

See you at the March meeting!

New Members welcome at the March meeting!




Tropical Fish Donation

Tropical Fish Donation Shed

Tropical fish donations for Newcastle Mens Shed, we are seeking any unused fish tanks and fish accessories, such as fish filters, fish aquarium lights, aquarium lights, air bubblier and plants, both plastic and live. Men at the shed can set up freshwater tropical fish tanks to keep active and give them to pensioners and the disabled, if you would like us to set up a family member with a fresh water tropical fish tank, then get in touch with us and we can set them up with a tank that you donate. This is done by one of our members that have a keen interest in tropical fish tanks. Companion fish for the elderly and disabled is a good idea, it gives them company when they live alone.

Penola House mens shed, Baraka Mens Shed are helping us with this community project.

A big thank you to the people who have donated to us, Hunter Dental Charlestown just donated some corydora catfish to our companion fish program. Thanks go to everybody else who gave a tropical fish donation to us. The cichlids are settling in and we will eventually find a good home for them.

Type Of Tropical Fish Donation Accepted

We accept all kinds of fish donations for the charity program, guppies, swordtails, Australian rainbowfish, mollies, platy fish, bristlenoses any kind of fish that can live together. The cichlids probably think this is a diet menu, so we keep them separate. We even have golden snails

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Call use to help out with your tropical fish tank donation, we don’t make any profit from this community project. Here is my tank all set up and yes I have Guppies, Neon Tetras and Bristlenose. tropical fish tank Once tropical fish tanks are set up properly, they don’t take a lot to look after, a pinch of tropical flake and check the PH, if any problems arise we can look after them. Give your unwanted tropical fish tank to the Newcastle Mens Shed and we can help somebody in need, loneliness can lead to depression and having tropical fish at home, can make a big difference to somebody who needs company. A simple answer is give them something to do and show their family and friends when they come over, can make a big difference in their lives. So have a look around the garage and see if you have an unused tropical fish tank that you can donate to our mens shed, and we will put it to good use. A simple support to project idea can mean a big difference to somebodies life.

If you would like to join a new site on Facebook for freshwater tropical fish nsw, then here is the link!

If you live in Newcastle and Hunter Valley and want to buy and sell fish, here is a great Facebook page for just that purpose. You need to have a Facebook account for the link to work!

What I feed my guppy fry video has a variety of things you can offer guppies.

If you need any more information on tropical fish donation call our secretary Bill Ray Phone 0249555752


February Meeting 11th Day time Meeting

I have just spoke to Sister Di from Penola House and she has agreed to let us use the double garage at Penola House for a meeting next week.
So as of the second Tuesday of the month, we will trial a meeting at Penola house at 2.00pm. This is the 11/02/2014 at 2.00pm, 3 Wilson Street Mayfield!
We are hoping that more members can come along to the day time meeting. We need to come up with a MOU (memorandum of understanding) with Penola house. They have a group of men there that need our mentoring support. They are lacking in  motivation and are very depressed at the moment and are looking for something to do.
Penola House have suggested we set up a mens shed in the building out back. I stated it could become a sub branch of the Newcastle Mens Shed, because we want to set up a fully working workshop closer to Newcastle. This workshop will need a MOU so we can work in conjunction with Penola House and they will give us a starting point to get community recognition for the men of Penola House. This arrangement will be considered permanent support for Penola House, even when we get a main workshop closer in towards Newcastle.
So see you at the meeting, next week, lots to talk about!

Penola House Support

Penola House Support Offered!

Penola House support is being considered by our men’s shed. They are in need of a mentoring program for their young men and support is needed for their women’s refugee centre.

Penola House located at 3 Wilson Street Mayfield is run by 2 coordinators, Sister Diana Santleben and Sister Elizabeth Brown. Pictured below are both of these sisters.

Penola House Sister DiSister Di


Penola House Sister Betty Brown Sister Betty Brown

They are need of our support and our committee plan on meeting with the 2 of them in Early January. In a YouTube presentation Sister Di has expressed her keenness to have a men’s shed involved with Penola House. Here is the video

We hope to be able to form a good working relationship with Penola House and the activities that they get involved in.

Motivation Support Penola House

Men of Penola House are in need of a mentoring program to help them get motivated back into the community. Doing things around the shed and simply coming in for a chat and a cuppa, can be very empowering for people in need of social support. Men can come along and get involved in the men’s shed. Making fruit bowls, bird houses, repairing house hold items can be very rewarding for them. The activities of the shed would consist of activities in 3 areas.

  1. Come in for a cuppa and chat, get to know other men in the shed.
  2. Work around the workshop on personal projects or things that need building for the community in the workshop.
  3. Going out into the community doing things for the needy and disabled.

To do this the men will need to insured for public liability insurance for working with power tools. We still need to talk with Penola House about this kind of insurance. We are members of the Australian Men’s Shed Association and we need to make sure our members are covered against personal injury. Part of this process is making sure that men are trained on equipment before they are allowed to use the tools. We have volunteer tradesmen who can asses their ability to use equipment and have them signed off for safe working procedures.

We hope to get funding for these projects by way of online grant funding, negotiation to form this working relationship with Newcastle Mens Shed and Penola House is still in its early stages, but both parties are very hopeful of a great working relationship between each other. Both non profit business’s are members of the Hunter Youth Mentor Collaborative and are very proactive with activities with them. We will be looking for community support as we develop this new workshop activity.


Merry Christmas Holiday Break

Merry Christmas From Newcastle Mens Shed

Hello Merry Christmas from our men’s shed to everybody, we will be closed over the Christmas holiday break, our next meeting will be on Tuesday 4th February at South Leagues Club at 7.00pm. We wish you a happy holiday break.
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Cyber Safety Tips


Cyber Safety Tips From Telstra

Telstra has shown concern over Australians shopping online and not following basic safety tips when shopping online. Testra has many different topics on cyber safety, including the best ways to safe guard your children when they are online.

Telstra offers Many Different Kinds of Advice on Cyber Safety

For kids, teenagers, adults and family, see this information here, you will need a PDF Reader, get one here if you don’t already have one. You can also read these two PDF articles that Telstra sent us for our news letter. Consumer Cybersafety Tips and PRR1311_Telstra infographic_5a They are both really good to have a look at.
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Men Without A Shed

Newcastle Men Without A Shed

Newcastle Mens Shed are men without a shed, it only occurred to me yesterday, when 2 men who donated tools to our shed, said they did not realise we did not have a shed. It is common problem when a new shed gets started that they don’t have a workshop.

Having a workshop means we have somewhere to do our handyman work for the community. When men without a shed occurs, then we don’t get the membership that we would like. I have had many phone calls from people wanting to join our shed and tell me to call them when we get a shed. The only problem with this kind of thinking is that we need the members support to get things happening and get that much desired place we can call our man cave, or the men’s shed workshop.
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October Updates

What’s Up In October Updates

October has been a busy month, our website was hacked and I had to get it fixed. Then I was banned from the site for a several weeks, silly me I put the password in wrong 3 times and I got banned (Won’t do that again).

Come along to the November meeting we have a lot to discuss, possible workshop starting soon and grant money being used for new laptop and wireless connection. We also got a second laptop and I have been asked by the committee members to hold off on any more laptops.
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September Meeting

September Meeting Notes

  1. Members Present:  Bob Wilkinson, Paul Battle, Ben Hardy Bill & Barbara Steel
  2. Apologies:  Bill Ray, Terry Connelly
  3. Welcome Members & guests
  4. Minutes from Meeting 6th August
  5. Business from previous meeting

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August Meeting Minutes

Minutes –Meeting 6th August 2013


  1. Members present  Barbara Steel, Bill Ray, Paul Battle, Bill Steel, Ben Hardy (plus another who was sitting next to you ?)
  2. Jamie Abbot the Liberal Candidate joined our meeting and gave a  short history of how she is a Hunter girl and her interesting career .
  3. Barbara welcomed  members and guests
  4. Read minutes from previous meeting

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July Minutes

July Minutes Newcastle Mens Shed

Minutes of meeting held on 2nd July 2013

At Merewether South Leagues Club

The meeting started at 7.00 p.m. With 9 members present.

Present At Meeting For July Minutes

Barbara Steel, Paul Battle, Bill Ray, Terry Connolly, Bob Wilkinson, Pat Twiss, Ron O’Neil and Matt Picken.

Apologies For July Minutes


Matters Arising From Previous Meeting

July minutes taken by Bill Ray and  Barbara Steel took the Chair and confirmed that this was a temporary position until a male member was found to take over. THe July minutes is her first time as the chair (Chairman). Continue reading


Dementia Support

Dementia Support For Men

Dementia support for men in the Hunter Valley is a great way to get support for men suffering with early stage dementia. Fighting Dementia is a support group that offers support for men in men’s sheds, contact Stuart Torrance for more information on a men’s shed near you. You can call him on Ph 02 4962 7000 and talk about your dementia support needs. Continue reading


July Meeting

July Meeting Men’s Shed

New Members Welcome

South Leagues Club

Tuesday 2nd July at 7.00pm Continue reading


Prostate Cancer Test

Prostate Cancer Test Simplified!

Prostate Cancer test use to be a pain in the but, now you no longer need to get the finger up the bum and they ask you that silly question “where does it hurt”. Now you can go along to your family doctor and ask for a simple blood test and they can check to see if your PSA has increased. Men hated going for prostate cancer test with the family doctor. They would put on a rubber glove and feel if your prostate was enlarged or not.

Prostate Cancer Test by doctor

Prostate Cancer Test by doctor

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