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Men’s Shed Community Supporters

We are supported in many different ways by Community Supporters.

New supporters can help out by allowing us to advertise with our posters for new members or they can donate left over paint, off cuts of wood or any other spare materials to enable us to start new projects. No matter what your business is, you can always help us out in your own way.

Acknowledgement of Community Supporters

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Community Supporters are a great help for the Newcastle Men’s Shed

PWCS helps out with some replacement PC

The Newcastle Men’s Shed receives a pleasant surprise when PWCS arrived with some replacement Computers.

This equipment will be used to teach and improve the skills of the shed members with regards to their communications and skill set. We hope to be able to conduct training for basic Word Processing, Excel, Family History and sending and receiving of emails etc.

Thank you, PWCS for your generous donation, we will make very good use of the equipment.

Award Winning Presentation

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On Tuesday 4 August 2015 a team of Safety staff from the local engineering manufacturing company, Moly-Cop attended the Newcastle Men’s Shed and presented their Award Winning Presentation “Hand Safety” to members of the Newcastle Men’s Shed.
The Conference Room at the Newcastle Men’s Shed was filled with Newcastle Men’s Shed members.
The members were shown a short video which lead on a question and answer session. Each member received a copy of a “Hand Safety” hand-book packed with tips and information about Hand Safety.

A bit of the background on the presentation:-
Moly-Cop Australasia has two site locations including Waratah (Newcastle) and Cilegon (Indonesia). A work team was established to tackle hand injuries which statistically were the most likely body part to be injured within the business and equated for 44% of all injuries and 80% of Medical Treatment Injuries for FY14.
The work team worked well to identify why injuries were occurring and developed hand safety focus programs. These programs have resulted in a heightened awareness of hand safety and a 50% decrease in hand injuries.
Some of the initiatives introduced by the team included a personalised hand safety training video, awareness training packs, posters, banners, hand safety pocket handbook and a hand focused observation program. This nomination aims to recognise the proactive work of the team to raise the bar on hand safety and focus on hand injury prevention.
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As the charity of choice, it was with great pleasure and appreciation that Paul Battle on behalf of Newcastle Men’s Shed received a cheque for $500.00 from Craig Warren, WHS & Injury Management Superintendent of Moly-Cop.

Notes from Andrew Roberts, Managing Director & CEO of Arrium
“Across Arrium, we celebrate safety every day, working together in all our locations to ensure ourselves and our team mates are safe and healthy.
Once a year, we recognise the best of the best in bringing our safety core value to life, and I am delighted to welcome you to this important event. The Arrium Safety Excellence Awards highlight the individuals, teams and initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to Goal Zero.
This year we received an impressive field of 175 entries, which is a new record. The quality of entries was very high, with many examples of employees and contractors delivering World Class Safety outcomes across our operations. The international nature and diversity of Arrium was reflected in the range of entries and finalists selected.
This booklet contains short summaries of our finalists, and I believe we can all learn from each of these 28 stories. Please do take the time to think about these examples, which illustrate and demonstrate our commitment to Goal Zero on a personal level and in our workplaces. I would appreciate your assistance and involvement in taking the next step towards Arrium being World Class in Safety.
I congratulate all the nominees for the 2015 Arrium Safety Excellence Awards and in particular these finalists. You have made a difference to yourself, your team and to Arrium, and should be very proud of this accomplishment.”

Thank you Craig and the staff from Moly-Cop for the presentation, your insight into “Hand Safety” and the donation. This experience will be of great benefit to the Newcastle Men’s Shed.